LACDHSLos Angeles County Department of Health Services (California)
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On April 20, 2004, LACDHS initiated an investigation regarding the HIV-transmission events to assist with partner elicitation and notification and with medical referral for persons with newly diagnosed HIV infection.
According to LACDHS investigators, upon the return of the index patient to California, he participated in film productions in which he engaged in unprotected sexual acts with 13 female partners.
For those on staff who need information stat, Fu says the MICROMEDEX system "provides them with updated pharmaceutical information they usually wouldn't have." He says the MICROMEDEX system is a comprehensive evidence-based reference system from which LACDHS uses more than a dozen components.
He believes improved information technology, specifically an electronic medical record, is one key to solving many of the problems facing LACDHS and other county health departments across the U.S.
Investigators reviewed databases from the clinic and from the LACDHS Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Program to identify patients who were treated during January 1999-March 2004 for confirmed syphilis infection or because of contact with a person known or suspected to have syphilis.
The Medicaid Demonstration Project for Los Angeles was designed to address the county's immediate financial crisis and to allow the county to undertake an ambitious 5-year restructuring of LACDHS' administrative and provider systems.
pseudomallei by the laboratory's automated identification system and subsequently confirmed by polymerase chain reaction at the LACDHS Public Health Laboratory.
In February 2003, LACDHS interviewed the patient by telephone about his sexual contacts.
In September 2002, LACDHS investigated cases of MRSA infection in two athletes on the same team who were hospitalized with MRSA within the same week.
An investigation by LACDHS found that of 17 persons at the dinner, 13 had gastrointestinal illness consistent with salmonellosis.
As a result of these three deaths, LACDHS initiated an educational campaign to inform health-care providers and public health professionals about prevention of V.
When the outbreak was reported to the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (LACDHS) in early August, LACDHS initiated an epidemiologic investigation.