LACDHSLos Angeles County Department of Health Services (California)
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On April 20, 2004, LACDHS initiated an investigation regarding the HIV-transmission events to assist with partner elicitation and notification and with medical referral for persons with newly diagnosed HIV infection.
According to LACDHS investigators, upon the return of the index patient to California, he participated in film productions in which he engaged in unprotected sexual acts with 13 female partners.
Fu says the wide area network was insufficient to support the information system and, as a result, old T1 lines were replaced with an ATM and frame relay network that allows access not only within LACDHS facilities, but also from physicians' homes.
Fu also says LACDHS wants to "focus more on the patient as a partner" and intends to begin rolling out MICROMEDEX's information components designed for patients.
Garthwaite hopes he can implement an electronic medical record system that will significantly improve patient care, reduce paperwork and speed the operations of LACDHS facilities.
Before taking charge at LACDHS, he spent seven years helping the U.
In addition, the clinic and LACDHS issued press releases to inform potentially affected patients and local health-care providers.
In addition, LACDHS dedicated two public health investigators to this effort for nearly 4 months.
Although the financial stabilization of LACDHS was the primary impetus for the waiver, the restructuring plans have taken on a more prominent role as the financial crisis has eased.
In February 2003, LACDHS interviewed the patient by telephone about his sexual contacts.
On November 22, 2002, physicians from two large infectious disease clinical practices notified LACDHS of MRSA skin infections among men who have sex with men (MSM).
When the outbreak was reported to the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (LACDHS) in early August, LACDHS initiated an epidemiologic investigation.