LACEALatin American and Caribbean Economic Association
LACEALos Angeles County Employees Association (California)
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(2007): "Socio-economic deprivation among indigenous population in Chile", paper presented at the LACEA Meeting, Bogota, October.
A South African university residence where a racist video degrading black workers was filmed earlier this year was closed down yesterday, a spokeswoman said."The Reitz male hostel at the University of the Free State (UFS) will be formally closed today, Wednesday," Lacea Loader said.Students at the hostel have been relocated, she said.The home-made video, filmed by students of the former whites-only hostel in Bloemfontein caused outrage when it was leaked in February.Four students filmed the video which shows five black workers taking part in a number of initiation-like rituals, including going down on their knees and eating meat a student appeared to have urinated on.
Seminar, the Lacea 2004 Annual Meeting, and the IEA 14th World Congress
He also thanks Andres Velasco, Dani Rodrik, Jeffrey Frankel, Domingo Cavallo, Alberto Abadie, and seminar participants at the 2004 LACEA annual meeting, the Ph.D.
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