LACECLatin American Consortium for Emergency Contraception
LACECLaboratory of Agricultural Constructions and Environmental Control (University of Thessaly; Greece)
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Now is an opportune moment to take advantage of the momentum built by regional and international support for emergency contraception through the International Consortium on Emergency Contraception and the Latin American Consortium on Emergency Contraception (LACEC).
LACEC's main activities are to foster collaboration, lead advocacy strategies and campaigns and create a clearinghouse for articles and materials on emergency contraception.
The first annual LACEC conference was held in Quito, Ecuador, in collaboration with the Ecuadorian Consortium for Emergency Contraception in October 2002, attended by 235 participants from 20 countries in the region, including legislators, Ministry of Health officials, NGO representatives, researchers, clinic managers, activists and the media, as well the coordinators of the IPPF multi-country project.