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LACERALos Angeles County Employees Retirement Association
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In addition to the county's irrevocable OPEB trust (with a current balance of $856 million), LACERA has a $107 million reserve for annual health care premium fluctuations.
Massal, Lobaria amplissima (scop.) Forsell., Parmelia caperata (L.)Ach., Physcia adscendens(Fr.)H.Olivier,Physcia aipolia (Humb.)Funrh.,Physcia biziana(A.Massal.)Zahlbr., Physcia semipinnata (Gmel.)Moberg., Physcia tenella(Scop.)DC., Ramalina lacera (With.)Laundon, Ramalina panizzei De Not., Ramalinapollinaria (Westr.)Ach.
Prairie species once present but not found during the present survey include Amorpha canescens Pursh, Brickellia eupatorioides (L.) Shinners, Camassia scilloides (Raf.) Cory, Ceanothus americanus L., Dalea purpurea Vent., Dichanthelium oligosanthes (Schult.) Gould, Eupatorium serotinum Michx., Helianthus strumosus L., Heliopsis helianthoides (L.) Sweet, Hieracium longipilum Torr., Lilium michiganense Farw., Platanthera lacera (Michx.) G.
Asteraceae Herb 17 Blumea lacera (Burm Asteraceae Herb f.) DC.
Blumea lacera, used Kaviraj 2 for gastric problems is reported used by eleven tribal communities in the northern part of West Bengal State in India for gastrointestinal disorders [69].