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LACESLos Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (high school)
LACESLooked After Children Education Service (UK)
LACESLos Angeles Council of Engineers and Scientists (California)
LACESLower Alabama Continuing Education Seminars (Birmingham, AL)
LACESLife and Change Experienced thru Sports (Christian sports mentoring program; Muncie, IN)
LACESLondon Anti-Crime Education Scheme (youth program; UK)
LACESLos Angeles Coalition of Essential Schools (Los Angeles, CA)
LACESLinking America Through Cultural Exchange and Sustainability (education and awareness cultural exchange organization)
LACESLos Angeles Council for Engineering Societies
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However, they lifted her up, and when they found what ailed her, they cut the lace; and in a little time she began to breathe, and very soon came to life again.
The Boots and the Broker were sharpening a spade-- Each working the grindstone in turn: But the Beaver went on making lace, and displayed No interest in the concern:
She crocheted yards of laces for her underwear, and made Battenberg in abundance for her table and for the bureau.
Her dress was not uncomfortable anywhere; her lace berthe did not droop anywhere; her rosettes were not crushed nor torn off; her pink slippers with high, hollowed-out heels did not pinch, but gladdened her feet; and the thick rolls of fair chignon kept up on her head as if they were her own hair.
I had almost forgotten the most important point--which is that I should like you to go and tell Madame Chiffon that I wish the blond lace to be changed in conformity with yesterday's patterns, if she will be good enough to bring with her a new assortment.
Nor was the lace any ordinary expensive English lace, such as any good shop can supply.
Slowly the priest ascended the steps and placed his shining sun on the lace cloth.
The brocade was an old remnant, Becky said; and as for the lace, it was a great bargain.
There was a good quantity of Flanders lace lodged in a private house, where she had gotten intelligence of it, and Flanders lace being prohibited, it was a good booty to any custom-house officer that could come at it.
Vanni received them at the entrance, always dressed in lavender with a great deal of black lace, her important watch-chain lying on her bosom.
Escaping from her father she ran to hide her flushed face in the lace of her mother's mantilla- not paying the least attention to her severe remark- and began to laugh.
But Hetty seemed to have made up her mind that something was wanting, for she got up and reached an old black lace scarf out of the linen-press, and a pair of large ear-rings out of the sacred drawer from which she had taken her candles.