LACFLow-Acid Canned Food
LACFLos Altos Community Foundation (est. 1991; Los Altos, CA)
LACFLos Angeles County Fair (California)
LACFLaboratory Animal Care Facility (Boston University; Boston, MA)
LACFLeeds Art Collections Fund (est. 1912; UK)
LACFLead Analyst Control Function
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The LACF program was conducted in part by Northrop and was sponsored by the Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratory (AFWAL) during the 1980's.
The series 2018 lease revenue bonds are payable from the county's lease rental payments to LACF for use and occupancy of the new office building and adjacent parking garage to be constructed using the bond proceeds.
LACF is a single purpose entity created to construct, finance, and operate new buildings on the county's behalf.
Until the bonds are paid off, LACF will own the new facilities and the county will be the tenant responsible for service delivery from the new office building.