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LACHESISLaterally Archiving Containment, Health, Environment & Safety System
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Hemolisis de eritrocitos humanos por accion del veneno de Lachesis muta y Bothrops atrox.
Jonathan Gee of Lachesis added: 'This deal proves that the East Midlands is carrying out some truly world class research in its universities.
Besides Crotalus durissus (Linnaeus, 1758), this pentastomid species was recorded in various species of snakes: Boa constrictor, Coluber lichtensteinii (Raddi, 1820), Drymarcon corais (Boie, 1827), Xenodon merremii (Wagler, 1824) and Lachesis sp.
Este analisis tambien fue realizado utilizando la enzima similar a trombina de Lachesis muta muta empleando sustratos cromogenicos con aminoacidos diversos en su estructura (Magalhaes et al.
ATRY the homoeopathic remedy Lachesis 30c - one tablet twice a day for six weeks to reduce the discomfort and visible appearance of the veins.
Inspired by ancient Greek mythology, the new folders are the Clotho, the Lachesis and the Atropos.
Then on March 23rd, a few minutes after 8:00 UT, 120 Lachesis will hide a 9.9-magnitude star near the Libra-Hydra border (see the finder charts here).