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LACILipoprotein-Associated Coagulation Inhibitor
LACILacunar Infarct
LACILoan Administration Change Initiative (est. 1996; World Bank)
LACILaser Angioplasty for Critical Ischemia (surgery)
LACILacunar Anterior Circulation Infarct
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Additionally, MOEV provides LACI and LADWP electric vehicle drivers with the company's MOEV Driver TM app.
Molde's 3-0 first-leg win over Laci has lined up the Norwegians as the most likely third-round rival but Asteras boss Savvas Pantelidis insists his side can still inflict a fatal blow on Hibs.
Savvas Pilakoutas, Anorthosis' spokesperson was confident that his side will be able to eliminate Laci, saying: "Our aim is to have a long European journey."
So distrustful is Laci's mother of the world where "human beings [are] not worthy of the name" that she refuses to circumcise her son: "'I wouldn't have you circumcised,' she said, 'I denied, I stole your heritage, I didn't want you to become one of the drowning, one of the drowned." And yet Laci senses that his mother's seemingly rhetorical question--one usually posed to affirm an irrefutable point--embodies a desire to solicit a response, to start a conversation, to regain some hope in the redeemability of the post-Shoah world.
The de Lacis fell from favour, and the Manor of Huddersfield passed to Hugh de Laval, who in turn gave the advowson (patronage and tithe rights) to the Augustinian order at Nostell Priory.
The median age in the four subtypes of ischemic stroke (TACI, PACI, POCI and LACI) was respectively 74 (rang 55-92), 69 (rang 57-78), 67 (rang 50-86), and 67 (rang 39-83) years; there were no significant differences between these subtypes.
"Every rocket has to have oxygen, safety gear and fuel,'' Alexander explained, adding that the thunderbolts from Laci's drawing suggested a novel fuel source.
According to Bamford's classification of ischaemic stroke, there were more TACI and PACI in patients with AF compared to the non-AF group, but in the non-AF group, there were important rates of LACI and POCI which were rare in AF as well as higher TACI and PACI.
It's little Laci Leigh Marsh, who has dressed up in her scariest witch's costume especially for Little Horrors.
Lacunar circulation infarction (LACI) stroke patients had a low mortality rate in this study, in agreement with findings from the Netherlands.
products hitting store shelves this year include new and existing vitamins and supplements in Adult Gummies and Fast Dissolve tablet forms; Carb Intercept 3, which helps metabolize fats for energy; Tropical Thin, a weight control supplement featuring a unique fruit blend of ingredients; Laci Le Beau Fast Dissolve tablets to promote elimination of impurities and reduce belly bloat; and, in partnership with Bikram Yoga founder Bikram Choudhury, Vedic Mantra, a line of 10 core herbal Ayurvedic supplements designed especially for yoga enthusiasts.
Like everyone, 27-year-old Laci Peterson had had her dreams and now it seemed that they were all coming true.