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"Do you happen to have the lack with you?" the official asked.
But in the depths of his heart, the older he became, and the more intimately he knew his brother, the more and more frequently the thought struck him that this faculty of working for the public good, of which he felt himself utterly devoid, was possibly not so much a quality as a lack of something --not a lack of good, honest, noble desires and tastes, but a lack of vital force, of what is called heart, of that impulse which drives a man to choose someone out of the innumerable paths of life, and to care only for that one.
Sore was his heart when he saw rare bowmen and war-hardened spearmen turned away from his gates, for the lack of the money which might equip and pay them.
The surprising skill which Jonson, author of such plays, showed in devising the court masks, daintily unsubstantial creations of moral allegory, classical myth, and Teutonic folklore, is rendered less surprising, perhaps, by the lack in the masks of any very great lyric quality.
There is a lack of seriousness of purpose, an increasing tendency to return, in more morbid spirit, to the sensationalism of the 1580's, and an anxious straining to attract and please the audiences by almost any means.
It is strong, compact, and sometimes powerful, but it entirely lacks imaginative poetic beauty--it is really only rhythmical prose, though sometimes suffused with passion.
He considered his friend a model of perfection because Prince Andrew possessed in the highest degree just the very qualities Pierre lacked, and which might be best described as strength of will.
Research among 300 employees involved in recruiting workers suggested that most were being hit by a lack of "relevant talent".
Anna Beavis, M.D., M.P.H., from Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, and colleagues used data from the National Immunization Survey -- Teen to describe changes in parents' reasons for lack of HPV vaccine initiation in American male and female adolescents from 2010 to 2016.
The highest mean score (2.31+-0.697) was regarding "Lack of proper training for research", followed by "lack of previous exposure" (2.26+-0.728) and "over loaded curriculum" (2.13+-0.753).
The Parliamentary session was in progress under the Speaker Ayaz Sadiq till Pakhtunkhwa Mili Awami Muslim League leader and Member National Assembly Naseema Panezai pointed out lack of quorum.
Lack of co -operation from the employees was the major obstacle faced by Indian firms to adopt new practices in implementation of quality management.