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An area 25 m northeast and 5 m higher in elevation from the 1967-68 LACMNH expedition site was gridded and blocks averaging 0.3 [m.sup.3] were removed by California State University of Fresno (CSUF).
LACMNH (Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History), n.d.
Specimens LACMNH #41794, CMN #58623, SMNH #37389 and SMNH #225116 mentioned above are designed as cotypes.
Structural LACMNH SMNH Flink Formula #41794(*) #37389(**) #128(***) Oxide wt.
To date the most complete picture of the surrounding assemblage is provided by a reconstructed block of matrix measuring about 15 x 25 x 27 cm that originally abutted the type specimen containing grandreefite, pseudograndreefite, laurelite and aravaipaite (LACMNH 25414).