LACMTALos Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (California)
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Following the verdict, the LACMTA filed a Motion for New Trial on the grounds that the damages awarded to Mary Cuthbertson were excessive and not supported by the evidence and that the trial court made legal errors during trial.
headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, quickly made a name for itself in the CNG industry as a leader in large transit installations after it was awarded three separate divisions by the LACMTA.
We are pleased that Caltrans is expanding its relationship with TrafficLand in partnership with LACMTA," said Lawrence Nelson, CEO of TrafficLand.
The LACMTA Metro Rapid Program demonstrates how public transit services can be effectively developed to relieve traffic congestion and provide sustainable transportation in our urbanized areas," said Abbas Mohaddes, Iteris' president and chief executive officer.
Metro is seeking a qualified firm with the capacity to provide Reverse Osmosis (RO), In-Line Filtration Systems (ILFS) and Bottled Water Services to LACMTA facilities throughout Los Angeles County.
The LACMTA is the largest single operator of natural gas fueled transit buses in the United States.
PST in the Training Conference Room on the 2nd Floor of the LACMTA Division 20 rail facility located at 320 S.
The LACMTA is a unique, industry-leading organization.
LACMTA requires the professional services from a qualified Construction Management Support Services (CMSS) firm to support the design review, construction management, and administration of Soundwall No.
Last summer, in order to familiarize riders with the benefits of a one-ticket-to-ride system, the LACMTA and 11 municipal operators began offering the EZ Transit Pass, the first phase of the future regional smart card, in the form of a paper flash regional pass.
Description: LACMTA s Metro Commute Services Department (MCS) is responsible for promoting, selling, contract processing and providing customer service for Employer Annual Transit Pass programs (Employer Annual TAP programs) which include the Annual Transit Access Pass (A-TAP) and B-TAP and any other board-approved special program.
Construction is expected to be complete by 2005 when the LACMTA will begin operating the BRT.