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LACNLateral Antebrachial Cutaneous Nerve
LACNLateral Antebrachial Cutaneous Neuropathy (nerve injury)
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We also found the communicating branches between the PACN and the LACN. This should be aware when conducting clinical and electrophysiological evaluations of these nerves.
Communication between the posterior antebrachial cutaneous nerve (PACN) and the lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve (LACN).
After 9 months, the patient's LACN sensibility did not return.
The LACN runs superficially between the biceps and the brachialis muscle, where the LACN becomes a continuation of the musculocutaneous nerve.
In this case, the etiology of nerve injury can be attributed to the single incision exposure without identification of either the LACN or the PIN.
Three months after the onset of the symptoms, due to failure of conservative treatment and the persistence of symptoms, the patient underwent surgical exploration and LACN release under regional block anesthesia.
Four months postoperatively, he noted remarkable improvement in his symptoms, and electrodiagnostic studies revealed normal distal latency and amplitude in the right LACN. At 12 months follow-up, he was asymptomatic.
This report describes the clinical and electrodiagnostic findings of a patient who developed LACN neuropathy, after sustaining elbow flexion and extension during sports training in the military camp.
The LACN is the terminal sensory branch of the musculocutaneous nerve.
After diagnosing compression of LACN, many treatment options are available.
Most of the patients with LACN entrapment present with lateral elbow pain, but some may present with paresthesia along the volar radial aspect of the distal forearm (12).