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LACONALasers in the Conservation of Artworks (conference)
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This attitude caused the pendulum to swing in the opposite direction so that by the mideighties, only twenty-five percent (25%) of EDL faculty had recent administrative experience (McCarthy, Kuh, Newell & lacona, 1988).
Virgilio Lacona, a family physician in Littleton, Colo., was one of four family physicians who spoke of their frustrations with the managed care system.
Lacona said "It took me 2 days to find out he had full HMO coverage.
The hypoxia model was performed as our previously described one using Xvivo Closed Incubation System (Xvivo system 300C, BioSpherix, Lacona, New York, USA) [15].
Joseph, Mo.; George Fogle, Mason., Mich.; Nick Cerbo, Parsippany, N.J.; Wayne Straube, Palmyra, Neb.; Everett Demeritt, Wolcott, Vt.; Bob Spiegel, Granton, Wis.; Warren Sizemore; Raymond Bloom, Clearfield, Pa.; Louis Harnish, Wayland, Mich.; Don Wood; Philip Rombach, Lacona, N.Y.
Francis Catholic Worker Farm in Lacona, N.Y., Brownell works with 16- to 19-year-olds.
Rim tool used in mounting tires, identified by Mike Danser, Borden, Ind.; Tim Scott, Charleston, Ark.; Tom Edwards, Cloverdale, Ore.; Milo Harpstead, Stevens Point, Wis.; Gary Fraser, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Norm Hays, Vernon, Colo.; David Ruark, Pomeroy, Wash.; Phil Rombach, Lacona, N.Y.; Maurice Lange, Hallam, Neb.; Wayne Rowell, Wilmington, Vt.; Von Edwards, Roosevelt, Utah; Dan and Mabel Janke, Westfield, Wis.; Myron Olufson, Gatzke, Minn.; Alvin Suehring, Clintonville, Wis.; Tom McEvoy, Yutan, Neb.; Fred Space, Beemerville, NJ.; Albert Stier, Petersburg, Ill.; Joseph Schmidt, Quincy, Ill.; Eugene Saucerman, Terre Haute, Ind.; Ross Sprenger, Shedd, Ore.
Meyer, McPherson, Kan.; Mark Miller, Dandridge, Tenn.; Phil Rombach, Lacona, N.Y.; Roy Schafer, Quincy, III; Richard Schallau, Spencer, Iowa; Frank Scheibert, Middletown, Ohio; Luther Stivers, Lexington, Ky.; Donald VV.
Frank Cordaro of Lacona, Iowa, was threatened with excommunication after he celebrated a Mass in Lincoln, Neb., for participants in a Call to Action conference in mid-May.