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LACORSLocal Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services (UK local government organization)
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Ms Rundall says of the move: 'It's fantastic that LACORS is at last flexing its muscle, but a terrible shame that it failed to stop these claims 12 years ago.
LACORS has written to councils across the UK, recommending they warn nightclubs, festival organisers and bars of the status of nitrous oxide.
Mark DuVal, director of policy for the London Area Councils of Regulatory Services (LACORS) and a former EHP, is leading the effort to address the lack of consistency in licensing standards and enforcement that could affect public health protection at the games.
The RLA has become a respected voice at government consultations and has forged strong links with other landlord associations g and groups such as the British Property Federation, the Local Government Regulation Services (formerly LACORS), the Chief Fire Officers Association and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Officers.
Derek Allen, executive director for the Local Authorities Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services (Lacors), commended the code as "a practical document that recognises not every betting shop is the same".
This is a legal standard that the RA, British Retail Consortium and Trading Standards (LACORS) are all committed to enforcing through self-regulation.
Officers from the Local Authority Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services (Lacors) found the average doner contained 98% of an adult's recommended daily salt and 148% of their daily saturated fat allowance.
The study was carried out by Lacors (Local Authority Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services).
The survey conducted by the Local Authority Coordinators of Regulatory Services (Lacors) reveals "shocking" levels of fat, salt, and calories in doner kebabs.
Now a council body called Lacors, the Local Authorities Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services, has asked all chief executives in Wales and England to provide positive examples of how the spying powers have been used.
The shake-up is being proposed by local authorities regulator Lacors.
Patients' lives could be put at risk by hospitals which use inaccurate weighing scales, the organisation which co-ordinates trading standards officers (Lacors) have said.