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(5.) Lacro JP, Dunn LB, Dolder CR, Leckband SG et al.
We have the entire week of great sales compared to last year when Eid was on the weekend, Lacro said.
Satou GM, Lacro RV, Chung T, Gauvreau K, Jenkins KJ.
However, there are studies in other chronic disease populations that support the hypothesis that depressive symptoms are associated with poorer medication adherence (Carney, Freedland, Eisen, Rich, &Jaffe, 1995; Dolder, Lacro, & Jeste, 2003).
(p.7) Rates of circulatory disease, metabolic conditions including diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia (elevation of lipids in the bloodstream), osteoporosis, chronic pulmonary disease, HIV-related illnesses, polydipsia (excessive thirst and water drinking), and epilepsy are found to be consistently elevated in individuals with psychiatric illness (Green, Canuso, Brenner, & Wojcik, 2003; Jeste, Gladsjo, Linamer, & Lacro, 1996; Lambert, Velakoulis, & Panelis, 2003).
With regard to regional issues, respondents were grouped into four areas: Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA); Asia Pacific (APAC): Latin America and the Caribbean (LACRO); and North America EMEA respondents were concerned about differences in laws and regulations among countries, while APAC respondents were late adopters of most security technologies and worried about the increased sophistication of cyberthreats.
For older schizophrenics, a concern is the increasing incidence rate of tardive dyskinesia with increasing age, with estimates ranging from 26% to 45% (Jeste, Lacro, Gilbert, Kline & Kline, 1993), the lower estimate being six times the rate for younger schizophrenics (Kane, Woerner, & Lieberman, 1988).
They include Rain-X, an invisible windshield cleaner, and a new wheel cleaner by Lacro.