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LACTLease Automatic Custody Transfer (automatic transfer of ownership of crude oil)
LACTLast Activity (credit)
LACTLucas Area Community Theater (Lucas, KS)
LACTLos Angeles College Tour, Inc.
LACTLibrary of Anglo-Catholic Theology
LACTLight Air Cavalry Troop
LACTLos Angeles City Traffic Test (brakes)
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Fat Hippy label stalwart Craig John Davidson told us:"I'm super happy about being involved in episode one of LACT.
As illustrated, the mean LACT scores for these 64 students by school were below the average score for middle school students (i.
According to Moyno, when you need to transfer ownership of liquid hydrocarbons between a buyer and a seller through an LACT Unit, Moyno 2000 pumps provide signification performance and cost-saving benefits.
Due to the above advantages described of CE, one may use CE boxes for local annunciation of data on compressor, gensets, turbines, metering sites, loading or unloading terminals, LACT units, separation skids analyzer skids, etc.
LACT units provide unattended metering and transfer of oil or gas from the well to the pipeline.
You can rely on our specialized capabilities, from the smallest LACT units to the world's most complex marine loading facilities.