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LACTLower Alloways Creek Township (New Jersey)
LACTLease Automatic Custody Transfer (automatic transfer of ownership of crude oil)
LACTLos Angeles City Traffic Test (brakes)
LACTLast Activity (credit)
LACTLucas Area Community Theater (Lucas, KS)
LACTLos Angeles College Tour, Inc.
LACTLibrary of Anglo-Catholic Theology
LACTLight Air Cavalry Troop
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J Hum Lact. 1992;8:122-4,
The first two-dimensional representation provided evidence that the SCC and TBC are directly correlated with each other and, in turn, are inversely correlated with the LACT content (Figure 1).
Fat Hippy label stalwart Craig John Davidson told us:"I'm super happy about being involved in episode one of LACT.
As illustrated, the mean LACT scores for these 64 students by school were below the average score for middle school students (i.e., 93).
Een ouden hondr lact zich niet lick aen den bandt wennen" (337 1K).
The models are themselves grounded on assumptions that lact empirical support, ignore important determinants of the motives for mergers and do not even attempt to account for aspects of human behavior such as hubris, greed or simple mistake that may contribute to the urge to merge.
Dubbed the Rehabilitation Bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Reform lAct, Chapter 11 is usually filed by sole proprietorships, partnerships, and private and public corporations which hope to remain in business through reaching new settlements with creditors over outstanding debts.
The new facility is equipped with the space, technology and manpower required to produce skid-mounted or stand-alone integrated pipeline assemblies such as pig launchers and receivers, pressure reduction stations, LACT units and gas and water measurement buildings.