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2 o sala de prensado, como veremos a continuacion, comunican por medio de canales con el gran deposito o lacus de la Hab.
The tear film will become apparent and the lacus lacrimalis can be assessed.
Our collaboration began when RJM was writing the 2001 BAA Mars Section report (15) and wanted a colour image from 1986 to illustrate the changes in the region of the Solis Lacus. Jean Dragesco and RJM had used the 1.06 metre Cassegrain atop Pic du Midi in 1986 (16,17) and had made some colour slides, but they were too grainy.
The ancient poet Catallus gave it the name Lacus Benacus - the beneficial lake - and the fortnight I spent there last summer did me a power of good.
Cassini has previously confirmed the presence of large masses of liquids including Ontario Lacus, a lake in the southern hemisphere composed of liquid ethane.
The negative pressure sucks in the tears which are located in the lacus lacrimalis.
Partitur lintres exercitus, Actia pugna te duce per pueros hostili more refertur; adversarius est frater, lacus Hadria, donec alterutrum velox Victoria fronde coronet.
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