LACVBLos Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau
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According to the LACVB, the Academy Awards had an impact of $60.
As part of its promotional efforts, LACVB will be featuring the Cathedral in its booth at La Cumbre, the premier travel industry convention for the sales and marketing of travel to the United States from Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean.
As for Hahn's suggestion that the LACVB should be revamped, Collins responded: ``I think the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau has the tools to succeed.
is very fortunate to have people like those at the LACVB working on their behalf.
LACVB worked to arrange the hotel bids for the Rose Bowl teams from 1998-2002 and won the new commitment over aggressive competition from Orange County.
I'm sure the LACVB staff will graciously open their homes and cook breakfast for everyone who wants to return to L.
We believe the Warhol exhibition will have the same kind of draw as the extraordinarily successful Van Gogh exhibition did," said Robert Barrett, vice president of domestic marketing for the LACVB.
I want readers to know that the LACVB and the San Fernando Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau have been earnestly working together to ensure our Valley is represented in all future tourist promotion.
The books represent the first collaborative project between the LACVB the The Times.
By working with an organization with the resources of the Los Angeles Times, the LACVB gains a partner that brings exceptional editorial and production expertise to the creation of visitor material," said George D.
Kirkland has been with the LACVB since 1990, and has been a member of the California Tourism Commission, served as chairman of the National Council of Urban Tourism Organizations, and was the first U.