LADCLicensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
LADClongitudinal apparent diffusion coefficient
LADCLockheed Advanced Development Company (now Lockheed Martin)
LADCLocal Area Data Channel
LADCLos Angeles Design Center (California)
LADCLocal Area Defense Commander
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My successor, Michael Smith, and the editorial team and staff of the LADC are more than up to this task and others.
These, in combination with some of the more traditional markers such as TTF-1, CK5 and p63, may enable much more confident identification of SqCC and LADC.
It develops the whole industry, and goes on through the year with lectures and seminars that LADC organizes.
The paper studies the socio-economic characteristics of the LADC, as well as the reforms that they have introduced in recent years; the specific contribution of foreign trade to the development of these countries is further analyzed.
In reviewing highlights of the F-117A program, Ben rich, president of LADC, pointed with pride to the fact LADC, with its 31 subcontractors, not only completed the program ahead of scheduled, but under budget as well.
Janelle Wesloh, MBA, LADC Executive Director of Recovery Management Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
Most LADC attorneys are probably aware of the "smartphone patent wars" being waged between Apple and Samsung.
com)-- Dennis Blackman, LPC, LADC, of Atoka, Oklahoma has been included in the Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Edition for his outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of healthcare.
In recent studies, a rabbit polyclonal p40 (RPp40) antibody demonstrated equivalent immunohistochemical staining versus p63 for sensitivity in lung SqCCA; however, RPp40 exhibited markedly superior specificity because it stained fewer cases of LADC and did not stain small cell lung carcinomas (3-6); however, RPp40 from different vendors, lotto-lot variation, and dilution factors could influence specificity.
This will be facilitated by myself and Bridgett Bycina, LADC.
Ostrander, MD, Medical Director of Child and Adolescent Services, Elizabeth Wilkins-McKee, LICSW, Program Manager of Outpatient and Family Services, and Darcy Gingerich, LCMHC, LADC, Senior Program Therapist, all are on the staff of The Brattleboro Retreat; and Beth Ann Maier, MD, Associates in Pediatrics.