LADCOLake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (Rosemont, IL)
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Similarly, not every OTC or LADCO state has adopted its region's standards.
By taking over the Ladco Group, PROBAT is considerably expanding its product portfolio.
Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO), made up of clean air agency representatives from Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio, is tasked with developing coordinated regional clean air strategies and programs.
The Lake Michigan Air Director's Consortium (LADCO, made up of WI, IL, IN, MI, and OH) has developed a list of 17 candidate suggested control measures (white papers) for VOC including: architectural coatings (OTC or SCAQMD levels); nonindustrial solvents--consumer products; industrial surface coatings; and auto refinishing.
LADCO estimated that SCAQMD AIM rule would cost $20,000 per ton, the most expensive control measure listed.
There is keen interest in other areas including LADCO (The Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium) and OTC (Ozone Transport Commission) in Oregon and from other states.
The Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO) states including Michigan, Illinois, Indiana.
There are also the upcoming regulations from the Canadian Department of the Environment and the LADCO (Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium), which may greatly increase the market size for low- and zero-VOC paints."
OTC and LADCO, the challenge for the resin manufacturers is how to develop latexes that will deliver paints with the same performance at 50 g/l VOC versus higher VOC paints," said Kent Clow, architectural technical advisor, BASF.