LADOML'Agence de l'Outre-Mer pour la Mobilité (French: Overseas Relocation Agency)
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This lot is aimed at the administrative trades of ladom headquarters, whose titles are as follows: - data entry operator - secretary, - sector manager, - executive assistant, - human resources assistant.
Contract notice: agreement-framework alloti of services of printing, shaping and delivery of communication documents, stationery and reprography of ladom.
The Overseas Agency for Mobility (Ladom), an administrative public institution, wishes to entrust a consultant with a general advisory mission in connection with the launch of his consultation on mutual needs and employee benefits And technical assistance, in order to cover its needs.
As part of the renewal or establishment of public contracts and framework agreements on the needs in computer and telephony agency overseas for Mobility (LADOM) LADOM wishes to use a holder for each lot under general missions of audit, advice and technical assistance in the field of public procurement and iT framework agreements.