LADPWLos Angeles Department of Public Works
LADPWLos Angeles Department of Power and Water (Los Angeles, CA)
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A study of the breastfeeding program of the Los Angeles Department of Power and Water (LADPW) found that breastfeeding employees had less absenteeism due to illness of their baby, had an increase in employees' loyalty, improved productivity, better recruitment results, and an improvement in the company's image among mothers who participated in the program (9).
To retain as much runoff as possible, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (LADPW) began to develop structures to slow the flow and divert it into off-channel basins where the water could percolate into the ground.
Gary Hildebrand, manager, flood control and water conservation operations, LADPW, explained that in the early 1980s, LADPW began to look for alternatives to the constant construction and destruction of the earthen levees and berms.