LADVLeft Anterior Descending Coronary Vein
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There are two important aspects to this: firstly, a contradiction between customary governance and justice frameworks, which normally deal with family violence and conflict in the community, and national policies, in particular the LADV. The challenge, presented by the district and community leaders, is that LADV does not define a mechanism for local governance structures to address DV at the community level, but requires all cases of DV to be referred to the police.
Non-profit organizations such as LADV with the help of others will be able to offer and support their mission.
The LADV Foundation located in Northern Virginia was created to help the survivors of domestic abuse rebuild their lives by providing them with the tools and immediate help with their defeated mental state.
Another informant (born in Ladv) formed a mixed paradigm of personal pronouns in which he distinguished between the approximative (LOC+) and propinquative (LOC=) in the singular but in the plural they merged as demonstrated in Table 4.
Furthermore, I used recordings of spoken Veps collected during fieldwork in the central Veps villages Ladv and Maggarv in 2006 and 2007.