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For examples, see the following scales as cited in Clark and Hofsess (1998): (a) Scale for Mexican Americans (ARSMA; Cuellar, Harris, & Jasso, 1980), (b) the Revised Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans (ARSMA-II; Cuellar, Arnold, & Maldnado, 1995), (c) the Language-Based Acculturation Scale (LAS; Deyo, Diehl, Hazuda, & Stern, 1985), (d) Acculturation for Adolescents (Olmedo, Martinez, & Martinez, 1978), (e) the Los Angeles Epidemiological Catchment Area (LAECA; Burman, Hough, Telles, & Escobar, 1987), and (f) the Short Acculturation Scale for Hispanics (Marin, Sabogal, Marin, Otero-Sabogal, & Perez-Stable, 1987).