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The LAEDC study forecasts that total taxable sales, of which retail sales account for about two-thirds, will increase throughout the region this year, with a 5.5% rise in Los Angeles County.
The LAEDC study found that for every dollar California spent on the tax credit, it saw a net return of $1.13 in increased economic activity or tax revenues.
In a sperate study, Jerry Nickelsburg of the university's Anderson School of Management questions the extrapolated numbers that LAEDC has derived based on the 1988 strike, due to the fact that the industry has changed significantly since then.
The LAEDC (a private non-profit association) was reorganized in 1990, and a consultant from the Beacon Council in Miami (considered one of the most effective economic development groups) told the EDC's board of directors that the organization should know the economy of its service area (all of Los Angeles County) better than anybody else.
And the market is fertile ground, said Jack Kyser, chief economist for the LAEDC.
"Mike" Foster and the Louisiana Economic Development Council (LAEDC) approved an action plan and series of benchmarks dedicated to expanding the oil and gas/energy industries in Louisiana, as a part of Louisiana's master plan for economic development--Vision 2020.
The LAEDC does a yearly analysis of the gross domestic product for all nations with a GDP of more than $250 billion and includes California, the Los Angeles five-county area, and Los Angeles County.
of Los Angeles County (LAEDC), retail sales in the region rebounded in 1995 after declining for the previous three years.
The Los Alamos Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), parent of the incubator, was incorporated as a nonprofit development agency seven years ago.
A short list of MAYO current and past clients include: Southern California Leadership Council (SCLC), the late Chief Economist Jack Kyser, LAEDC, WTC -LA/Long Beach; USC, Hospital Assn.
To put the size of the area's economy in perspective, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) points out that if it were a separate country, Los Angeles County's gross domestic product (GDP) of $505 billion would rank it No.
Per LAEDC research, the Academy Awards are estimated to produce a $200 million net economic impact, and of that figure, $2.5 million goes to hotels.