LAEDCLos Angeles Economic Development Corporation
LAEDCLouisiana Economic Development Council
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In June, the staff of California's Senate Governance and Finance Committee issued an analysis of the LAEDC and UCLA reports that determined the incentive has a return closer to breakeven, and that in many years, the return may be well under $1, resulting in a net decline in state revenues.
Currently, the LAEDC Consulting Practice has a director, a senior economist, a public policy expert, and an administrative assistant.
And the market is fertile ground, said Jack Kyser, chief economist for the LAEDC.
Still, the spokesman for the LAEDC cautions that the positive trends do not reflect a less competitive playing field for retailers.
In order to do this, LAEDC might choose to reincorporate as a for-profit company.
LAEDC says that Los Angeles is the largest manufacturing center in the United States, led by such sectors as apparel, fabricated metals, food products and aerospace.
Per LAEDC research, the Academy Awards are estimated to produce a $200 million net economic impact, and of that figure, $2.
This builds on the vibrant technological research capabilities of the county, the LAEDC asserts, adding that creativity is another key driver of the local economy, with video games and films showing the fusion of creativity and technology.