LAEMELinguistic Atlas of Early Middle English
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Tokens of stages I, II, and III were counted in each text contained in the LAEME corpus.
Note that we follow LAEME in recognizing double ne only when it is impossible to analyse the first instance of ne as the conjunction 'nor' (see below).
Figure 2 gives a geographical overview of all usable texts from the LAEME corpus.
In the Catalogue of sources for LAEME, Margaret Laing (1993: 70) presented it as her own view, as well as that of Angus McIntosh, that the text was the work of a single scribe.
(3.) The Linguistic Atlas of Early Middle English (LAEME, ongoing work) forms, together with the Linguistic Atlas of Older Scots, the Edinburgh Medieval Atlas Projects, ongoing at the Institute for Historical Dialectology, University of Edinburgh.