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The dilation of the animals' pupils may be associated with the immediate activation of the neural axis, due to the thermal stress situation, which implies the activation mainly of the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic bundle) and the peripheral nervous system, which may lead to other physiological responses, to pupil dilation (Laeng et al., 2012).
(110) Khemica Wangsuk, Patthanakan thang watthanatham nai lom mae nam mun: Koranisueksa laeng borannakadi Mueang Sema amphoe Sung Noen changwat Nakhon Ratchasima [The cultural development in the Mun River Basin: A case study of the archaeological site at Muang Serna Sung Noen district, Nakhon Ratchasima province] (M.A.
Laeng said that when someone sees something they want to pay closer attention to, the pupil enlarges.
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En Kant fue donde el termino tomo derecho de ciudadania, una cierta identidad, en la medida en que significa o toma sentido de orden, norma, regla, y recupera la nota de universalidad (Laeng, 1979).
KEY PERSONNEL: Walter Gruebler, CEO; Ernst Bartschi, deputy CEO, FRO; Alexander Bleiber, construction; Jan Jenisch, industry; Peter Laeng, special projects; Robert A.
The selected reaction times for this pilot were similar to those reported by Laeng, Brennen and Espeseth (2002) in a group of control subjects performing reaction time tasks in simple and complex situations.
Kam Laeng, an official of SSA, was quoted as saying in Mae Hong Son that the three executed villagers had been "warned several times not to break the rules by dealing in drugs."
Perhaps surprisingly only two of Cosijn's emendations have been generally adopted by editors: Wedera for MS wereda (2186) and laeng for MS laeg (2307), where Thorpe and Grundvig had already suggested leng and Cosijn was merely objecting to the normalization of the form.
Laeng, "Pupil size signals mental effort deployed during multiple object tracking and predicts brain activity in the dorsal attention network and the locus coeruleus," Journal of Vision, vol.
There was a suggestion that this land might be used as a potential settlement for indoctrination (laeng pluk radom) by southern Muslim terrorists.