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LAESLatin American Economic System
LAESLawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance
LAESLanding Aids Experiment Station
LAESLow Altitude ELINT System
LAESLake Alfred Elementary School (Lake Alfred, FL)
LAESLanding Aids Experimental System
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LAES president, Professor Raouf Ghusayni, started the opening ceremony by drawing attention to the vital importance of history education for Lebanon, a country that has suffered from decades of internal conflict.
The experiment was conducted from the 1997-1998 through the 1999-2000 seasons, at the Ben Hur Research Farm, LAES Central Station, at Baton Rouge.
The fact that rural districts, with the lowest rate of long-term removal to an LAES, comprised nearly half the sample, may mask an overall higher rate of usage in o ther district types.
Colin Roy is an incredibly experienced executive, so his keen insight will be invaluable as LAES technology builds momentum as the only freely locatable energy storage system engineered for long duration use cases," said Highview Power CEO Gareth Brett.