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LAESLiquid Air Energy Storage
LAESLatin American Economic System
LAESLawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance
LAESLanding Aids Experiment Station
LAESLow Altitude ELINT System
LAESLake Alfred Elementary School (Lake Alfred, FL)
LAESLanding Aids Experimental System
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Highview Power's LAES technology was chosen over four other category finalists amongst a record number of entries for the award.
Section C also characterizes poetry as a gift from God useful for entertaining others: "Longad ponne py laes pe him con leopa worn, / oppe mid hondum con hearpan gretan; / hafap him his gliwes giefe, pe him god sealde" [When one knows a great number of poems or is able to strike a harp with his hands, he will have less longing; he has the gift of musical entertainment, which God granted to him].
Professor Yulong Ding's five-year post is jointly sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Highview Power Storage, the UK developer of large-scale long duration liquid air energy storage (LAES) systems.
The project involves over PS8 million funding being provided by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to assist Viridor and their project partner, Highview Power Storage (Highview), in setting up a demonstration plant at a Viridor site in Kent to showcase Highview's revolutionary technology - the Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) system.
Jami Laes, the head of gaming at Rovio, says that we can expect new types of games featuring the same cast of characters in the coming years, rather than simply producing a Star Wars version of Go!, a tactic which has previously been very successful for Rovio:
Laes supposes that this morio pelted the blasphemers with stones because he often had experienced being pelted himself by stones: Christian Laes, "Learning from Silence: Disabled Children in Roman Antiquity," Arctos 42 (2008): 85--122, at 116.
"Angry Birds Star Wars II combines the rich worlds of both Angry Birds and Star Wars in a unique way featuring fan favorite characters from both the dark and light side of the Force," Jami Laes, EVP of games at Rovio, said in a statement.
Following discussions with the families of those killed during the bomb attack and mass shooting in 2011, Nico created two sculptures - one in bronze, one in plaster - in his studio in Oslo, of a pillar half hollowed-out with a silhouette of a figure: the originals for multiple contemplative memorials, each carved with extracts of a poem by the Norwegian writer Laes Saabye Christensen, which were unveiled across the country on last summer's anniversary of the massacre.
Christian Laes develops this further in 'Grieving for Lost Children, Pagan and Christian' (pp.