LAESALatin American Engineering Student Association (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers)
LAESALandes Akkordeon Ensemble Sachsen Anhalt (German: Sachsen Anhalt Country Accordion Ensemble)
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LAESA maintained a strong commitment to scientific dissemination, developing a series of educational products and resources, with emphasis on the themes on cancer, human health and dengue, such as "Evidengue", a cover for water collecting dishes for plant pots developed in 2007.
Like the rusticus at Tibullus 1.10.56, he sees his body parts, for instance, as terrible weapons, and he castigates his hands: adde manus in vincla meas (meruere catenas) (Place my hands in restraints; they deserve chains, 1); mea vesana laesa puella manu (the girl wounded by my insane hand, 4); quid mihi vobiscum, caedis scelerumque ministrae?
In the second consilium, however, Sozzini argued that laesa maiestas applied only to the emperor and Roman republic and could not be invoked by the city of Lucca.
" B-3, Laesa brook 0.06 Katian, Nabala- " B-2, Laesa brook 0.16 Vormsi St.
The study provides an almost unique set of independent measurements, each of them covering a different aspect of a blunt ankle injury according to some of the cardinal signs of inflammation as described by Celsus: dolor (measured spontaneously and with a trigger), tumor (measured by the figure-of-eight) and functio laesa (measured by the mobility of the injured joint).
provides inventory of similar themes and a short account of the declamatory law of 'res publica laesa', the authenticity of which is dubious, although it has numerous parallels in Greek rhetoric ('demosia adikemata').
Criticism of an emperor's lapses of faith or morals was a "moral and civic duty, not seditio or laesa maiestas" (199).
The signs of the inflammatory response (rubor, tumor, calor, dolar, and functio laesa) are induced by vascular changes & cellular changes.