LAFBLeft Anterior Fascicular Block
LAFBLangley Air Force Base (Virginia)
LAFBLackland Air Force Base (San Antonio, Texas)
LAFBLuke Air Force Base (Arizona)
LAFBLibyan Arab Foreign Bank (est. 1972; Libya)
LAFBLaughlin Air Force Base (Del Rio, Texas)
LAFBLowry Air Force Base (Denver, Colorado; closed 1994)
LAFBLincoln Air Force Base (Lincoln, NE)
LAFBLadd Air Force Base (now Fort Wainwright Army Post)
LAFBLight Assault Floating Bridge
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Post ablation EKG: sinus bradycardia 45 bpm, QRS axis at -45 degrees, LAFB, a premature junctional contraction (arrow), negative T waves in aVL
Our study showed that heart conduction block was very common among Chinese KSS patients, which was consistent with other reports.[sup][18] There were different types of conduction blocks including RBBB, LAFB, and different degrees of AVBs.
For example, when we considered only moving locations (versus when the bird was stationary) of Osprey that fell within the LAFB imaginary surfaces, Osprey were a potential 'strike threat' to aircraft at LAFB 12 size of 'strike threat' locations and the potential overlap with LAFB imaginary surfaces.
The incidence of progression of chronic bifascicular block (RBBB + LAFB or RBBB + LPFB) to complete atrioventricular block is low, and in the absence of symptoms prophylactic permanent pacemaker implantation is not warranted.
Since the investigation, new cases of febrile respiratory illness have continued to occur at LAFB, but the weekly incidence has declined from a peak of 74 cases with onset during the week of May 27-June 2, to 55 cases with onset during the week of September 23-29 (the most recent period for which data were available).
Oilinvest is owned equally by the Libyan Arab Foreign Bank (LAFB), the Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Co.
The Libyan Arab Foreign Bank (LAFB)(79) sued on breach of contract for the return of its deposits at overseas branches of American banks.
Until early 2007, the external assets used to be handled by the Libyan Arab Foreign Bank (LAFB), the arm of the Central Bank and parent of the Libyan Foreign Investment Co.
Inclement weather has always drawn birds to the airfield at Langley Air Force Base (LAFB), whether it be for emergent earthworms or a seasonal bug hatch initiated by rainfall.
Gelusy works closely with Oilinvest, the overseas arm of LAFB and NOC which has downstream and products marketing operations in Europe and North Africa.
The 15-member body exempted the Libyan National Oil Corporation and countryAAEs Zueitina Oil Company from the asset freeze, and similarly eased measures against the Central Bank of Libya, the Libyan Arab Foreign Bank (LAFB), the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), and the Libyan Africa Investment Portfolio (LAIP).