LAFCALos Angeles Film Critics Association
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"From our perspective, we play no part in this Oscar derby," sniffs LAFCA president Henry Sheehan of L.A.
As for why the two orgs don't agree more, Seymour contends that the NYFCC likes "provocation," and that they pride themselves on a "metropolitan point of view that finds the art in everything, (including) Hollywood product," hence the NYFCC awarding the final "The Lord of the Rings" pic in 2003 and "Mulholland Dr." in 2001 when LAFCA went for "American Splendor" and "In the Bedroom" in those years.
LAFCA: Supporting Actress (Joan Allen), Production Design
LAFCA: New Generation Award (Mitchell) Sundance: Audience Award (Dramatic), Directing Award
Supporting actress: Shohreh Aghdashloo, Academy Award, ISA, LAFCA *, NYFCC *
Director: Peter Jackson, Academy Award, BAFTA, BFCA *, DGA *, Golden Globes *, LAFCA *
The LAFCA has suddenly switched gears and reinstated its awards following a furious email blitz between members, while the Chicago org has also reversed its initial decision and will hand out year-end honors.
It's very difficult--even for a fulltime critic who goes to films every day--to guarantee that you will see a competitive film," says Henry Sheehan, a former LAFCA prexy and longtime critic.
Manohla Dargis, film critic for the Los Angeles Times, and a nine-year member of LAFCA, is quick to affirm that that the critics group is not too deep in the pocket of Hollywood.
The DGA facilitates this with a guest card for LAFCA members to attend DGA member screenings in the guild's big, wonderful theater.
Picture: (Michael Douglas, Saul Zaentz) OW, GG, BAFTA, LAFCA *
of America, LAFCA = Los Angles Film Critics Assn., NBR = National