LAFHALiving Away From Home Allowance
LAFHALos Angeles Field Hockey Association (est. 1928; Los Angeles, CA)
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For particular organisations, such as those in the resources sector, the reforms to the LAFHA tax concession are a major concern with complex rules that vary depending on the status of the employee through the year.
In fact almost 60 per cent of our respondents across all industries confirmed that both LAFHA and transitional arrangements for motor vehicles were key to their renewed focus on FBT administration and this drove a record attendance at the CCH FBT Roadshow.
While the removal of the Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA) for expats has created some barriers for organisations considering Australia as a secondment location, it hasn t had any direct impact on our rankings as we remain a vital hub for global businesses looking to expand into new Asian markets, Ms Park said.