LAFSLos Angeles Film School
LAFSLove At First Sight
LAFSLife and Fire Safety
LAFSLexical Access from Spectra
LAFSLeast Authority File System (Tahoe software)
LAFSLagged Average Forecasts
LAFSLos Angeles Anesthesia Friendliness Scale
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The Lithuanian Air Force (LAF) has renewed its HCare Infinite material management contract for its fleet of three Dauphin AS365 N3+ search and rescue (SAR) helicopters following achievement of 97% average fleet availability over a three-year period.
Through the contract, LAF has direct access to Airbus Helicopters parts inventory in iauliai, Lithuania, as well as the Airbus parts-by-the-hour pool a dedicated high-availability pool located in Les Florides, Marignane, France.
The tests showed 32 of the participants experienced LAFS 49 times (which means most didn't).
The researchers say many people attach an LAFS label to their relationship after the fact, noting that it could also be a memory disturbance "construed by couples to enhance their relationship".
Agenda items include LAF training needs, ensuring effective communication with the statutory advisers, publicising the work of LAFs and creating links with other LAFs and the National Access Forums.
Organised by the Countryside Council for Wales, the conference will enable LAF members to share experiences and discuss the future role of the Forums.
The United States has provided nearly $1.7 billion to the LAF and over $160 million to the ISF since 2006.