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LAGLa Grange (Amtrak station code; La Grange, IL)
LAGLatest and Greatest
LAGLandesarbeitsgericht (German: National Labor Court)
LAGLagos, Nigeria
LAGLehramt an Gymnasien (German: Secondary School Teacher)
LAGLowest Adjacent Grade
LAGLink Aggregation Group
LAGLine Access Gateway
LAGLocal Application Group
LAGLatin America Group (various organizations)
LAGLegal Action Group (UK charity)
LAGLink Aggregation Group (IEEE standard)
LAGLiquids, Aerosols and Gels
LAGLousy at Gaming
LAGLocal Agency Guidelines
LAGLaufstall-Arbeits-Gemeinschaft e.V.
LAGLebensabschnittsgefährte (German: Common Law Spouse)
LAGLeft-Associative Grammar
LAGLakes Area GMRS Repeater Group
LAGLivid and Gifted (gaming clan)
LAGLive Action Gaming
LAGLaw Advisory Group
LAGLouisiana Anti-Scripting Group (gaming clan)
LAGLaunch Analysis Group
LAGLayered Auxiliary Graph
LAGLink Adapter Group
LAGLogical Applications Group
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This was consistent with Vanda's jet lag simulation studies, according to the company.
The Global Jet Lag Therapy Pharmaceuticals Market is likely to exhibit steady growth over the forecast period, according to the latest report on Wise Guy Research (WGR).
The move comes as one of the biggest challenges air passengers face when travelling across multiple time zones is jet lag.
Passengers will receive a combination of generic route-based and personalised 'jet lag impact scores' which gives them a summary of how severe jet lag may be on that route in general and their own travel specifically, while the personalised jet lag plan incorporates the pre-flight, flight and post-flight phases, and provides a schedule of different recommendations and tips for specific times in each phase on what to do to reduce jet lag, such as sleeping, exposure to light, exercise, hydration, and the type of food to consume.
A survey of 2,000 luxury consumers over the age of 22 in the UK found that more than one-third of travellers (36%) wanted to experience a 'Jet Lag Guru' when they travelled.
When the researchers cancelled out all other sleep factors, social jet lag alone accounted for an 11% increase in the likelihood of having heart disease and a 28% greater likelihood of being in "poor health".
For the purpose of our regression analysis, we use the log of total assets (log_assets), the first lag of the market-to-book ratio (L_MB), the first lag of the firm's debt-to-assets ratio (L_DTA), and the standard deviation of ROA for the previous four quarters (ROA_Lag_SD), as control variables.
It can be observed that exposure to N[O.sub.2], when analyzed alone, presented itself as a risk factor for hospitalizations in the lag 2 and 3 and, when analyzed together, it is associated with P[M.sub.10] in lag 2 to lag 5 and 7, with ozone in the lag 2, lag 3 and lag 7.
This is one of the most important aspects of combating jet lag. Before departing, make sure you have all your affairs, business and personal, in order.
Moreover, collected data from the meteorological stations (i.e., [T.sub.max], [] lag 0 to lag 2) allowed to categorize all calendar days into 3 exposure groups (i.e., days on which temperatures were < 75th percentile, from 75-95th percentile, higher than 95th percentile).
The researchers found that across all lags, the rates of all-cause cardiovascular emergency department visits were increased, with the greatest increase seen on dense smoke days and among those aged ≥65 years at lag 0 (relative risk, 1.15).