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LAGERLesbian and Gay Employment Rights (London, UK advocacy group)
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"Football fans are as passionate about their clubs as we are uncompromising on our brewing, so we're positive that Peaky Blinder Craft Lager will soon become the match day drink of choice and give stockists the opportunity to capitalise on the football season ahead."
This new handy can, adds to our 50cl cans as well as our 60cl bottles as part of our product offerings, hence giving consumers more options to enjoy Life Lager.
"Conwy Lager is based on a Czech style pilsner brewed with authentic craft lager malt and Czech Saaz hops complemented by our very soft, pure Snowdonia water to produce a wonderfully tasty lager with a refreshing clean finish.
A recent event hosted by Cloudwater in the same venue was unexpectedly shut down due to licensing issues, but We Are Lager has everything in place for the event to run without a hitch.
And why not, when a dark mild beer had a strength of about 5%, which is comparable to today's strong lagers such as Stella Artois or Kronenbourg.
There's interesting lagers out there, not least the locally made Yardsman or the summer lager made by Manchester brewery Cloudwater.
(92) Craft American Lager (Due South Brewing, Boynton Beach, FL) 4.6% ABV, 20 IBUs.
The Munich-style lager uses a lager yeast from Germany and Czech Saaz and German Perle hops.
Devils Peak Lager has a unique character resulting from high-quality imported ingredients (including 100 per cent malt and a German hops variety) cold-fermented and lagered (stored) for up to three weeks at zero degrees Celsius.
Two glasses of white wine or two pints of lager (approximately four units): Your blood flow increases You feel less inhibited and attention span is shorter You start dehydrating, one of the causes of a hangover Three glasses of white wine or three pints of lager (approximately six units): Your reaction time is slower Your liver has to work harder Your sex drive may increase, while your judgement may decrease Four glasses of white wine or three and a half pints of lager (approximately eight units): You're easily confused You're noticeably emotional Your sex drive could now decrease and you may become less capable (from
It is sometimes called an amber lager, although that seems simplistic.
It comes after Tesco confirmed they will stock the lager in Scottish stores.