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The difference between lager and ale is the fermentation process whereby lager is bottom-fermented - yeast sets to work at the bottom of a vessel converting starches into alcohol - and ales which are traditionally top-fermented with the magic process conducted for all to see on the top level.
However, the world's second biggest brewer said it had continued its strong start to the year, with double-digit lager sales volume increases across Europe and in Africa and Asia.
The lager has been a big hit since its launch earlier this summer - now the company is aiming to spread its influence abroad.
Joni Swanston, 19, student, of Newcastle: I am going to go for the blonde but I don't really drink lager normally.
Exclusively available at Cains' Brewery Tap,Stanhope Street, from today, the lager is a continental- style beer and the first Cains-branded lager in its 154-year history.
Forty years ago lager was regarded as a wimp's drink - and only accounted for one per cent of the market, rising to nine per cent in 1971.
Considering that dark lager is such a basic style, it's remarkable how few good ones there are on the shelf.
The Liverpool-brewed lager was beaten only by a Paul Smith ski suit but finished above the iPod Nano, George Clooney's Las Vegas Casino and Ruinart Champagne.
Czech Pilsners (originating from the city of Pilsen, which is also the home of Skoda) are golden and usually on the strong side and accented towards a hop bouquet and a dry finish; Vienna lagers are sweetish with a malty character; Norwegian lagers are clean and dry; Samuel Adams Brooklyn Lager is a class American act.
Spurred to action by the burgeoning popularity of imported German lagers, the local breweries of Pilsen decided to join forces and hire a young Bavarian brewer by the name of Josef Groll to create a trademark beer for the town.
The premium lager, which is brewed for three months, has been a top priority for owners Ajmail and Sudaghara Dusanj since they bought the Toxteth brewery almost two years ago.
BRITAIN'S oldest lager could be heading home after its current owners indicated they were willing to sell the brand.