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LAGSLatest and Greatest Syndrome
LAGSLow Affinity Glucocorticoid Binding Site
LAGSLancaster Area Girls Soccer (Lancaster County, PA)
LAGSLithuanian American Genealogy Society (Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture; Chicago, IL)
LAGSLos Angeles Geographical Society (Los Angeles, CA)
LAGSLaser Activated Geodetic Satellite
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chocolate cakes (one baked by a member, Josh and another by Martha, a volunteer at LAGS).
UK jails hold 83,000 lags and the Ministry of Justice recently vowed to boost officer numbers by 3,111.
In addition, the chi-squared statistics on the four lags of excess stock returns is higher by a factor of two or more than it is for the four lags of ROA changes in all regressions, except Equation 3(f).
(19), in which there was a positive association between exposure to N[O.sub.2] and lung function, with an increase of 10 [micro]g/[m.sup.3] for the pollutant study, there was a decrease in peak expiratory in lags 2 and 3, even if these articles do not make reference to other respiratory diseases mentioned in our work, the harmful effect of N[O.sub.2] is the same presented by our article in Ribeirao Preto.
non-HW time periods, and eventually for the 3 exposure groups (i.e., < 75th percentile, 75-95th percentile, > 95th percentile), the latter assessed as [T.sub.max] and [] (lag 0 to lag 2).
Models were adjusted using a thin plate regression spline for temporal trend and seasonality (4-7 df per year), mean daily temperature at single-day lags of 3 or 5 days (2 or 3 df), and mean daily relative humidity at single-day lag 3 (2 or 3 df), following the methodology used by the ESCALA project (Romieu et al.
As such, any evidence of a lag in the price discovery process for these firms would be suggestive of even more pronounced lags for less liquid entities.
Spectral lags and variability of Gamma-ray Bursts in the Swift era, PhD tesis, The George Washington University, 2010.
A group of economists led by Friedman (1961) is of the opinion that the effect of monetary policy takes place after a lag and policy makers need to forecast the lags more accurately for avoiding the instability in the country.
Table 3 presents crucial information on the equations in VAR methodology given in equation 2 as equations up to five lags are analyzed at this table.
Only LAGs purchased (and correctly packaged) at airport shops and on board air carriers are affected by the move.