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39) As a Cistercian and an author, Ralph must confront the place of hermeneutic occupations in ecclesiastical culture, seeking to distinguish himself from the laicus while at the same time bound by an order whose affective piety remains skeptical of the vicissitudes of scholastic discourse.
I suggest that in Wordsworth's voyagers' sentence, as in his hemisphere epitaph on himself, Wordsworth's words, those of "a man speaking to men," only half forget those of Dryden, a laicus speaking to laici.
112r: <<Dominicus Bartholomei de Pincolo laicus et Flora Antonii de Cepo mulier loci de Campagniano Nepesin.
70v: <<Theobaldus de Burgo laicus et Honora Testantona mulier Tuamen.
51v: <<Ludovicus de Lambertie laicus et Agnes de Bonafe mulier septem annorum Claromonten.
36v: <<Petrus de Platis laicus civis Mediolanen.
A "King is not mere laicus [a mere layman]"(52); as conscience is "the light of knowledge that God hath planted in man" (17) so a king should be "a lampe and mirrour .
Dicitur enim in quodam concilio <<Si quis laicus uel Qui res suas alicui delegauerit clericus seu utriusque sexus decimationum prouentum priori persona proprietatis sue loco>> ecclesie auferre non poterit etc sicut in eodem capitulo in causa monachorum notata Si quis laicus uel clericus inueniuntur.