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Herbalist Medicines (tshuaj) Magic (khawv koob) Spirits (ua neeb, fiv yeem, hu plig, faib plig, laig dab) Go to hospital.
Dougald then raced ahead along the shore this way, into the rocks, and scrambled up to Laig farm below where we are just now, to alert Annabel at Laig.
(2.) Laig M, Pape M, Hundreiser J, Flatz G, Sanguansermsri T, Das BM, et al.
If Lord Irvine of Laig had taken the main part of the Family Law Act 1996 forward, the divorces would have been granted after a minimum time of a year, if couples had sorted out arrangements for money and children.
I have been to Hmong areas in China where they speak real Hmong, in NW Yunnan and SW Sichuan and in Wenshan near Vietnam, where they have the Qhuab Ke and lwm qaib and huplig and laig dab and ua neeb and noj peb caug and hu nkauj and paj ntaub and saib loojmem and basically the same traditional Hmong customs you could find in Thailand or Laos.
DRAMATIC: Roseberry Topping, near Great Ayton, where photographer Joe Cornish is based.' STUNNING: The Bay of Laig, left, on the Isle of Eigg, Scotland, and the Zion Narrows in Utah, USA.
For years, children played on the iron ball on the Hebridean island's Laig Beach and even lit fires and barbecues nearby.
Another very crucial aspect of Hmong traditional religion is "ancestor worship." Within Hmong contexts, this generally means the reverence of the deceased, male and female, senior kin members still present in collective memory and the regular performances of Gifts exchange rituals (e.g., laig dab, fiv thiab pauj yeem, etc.) that sustain the symbolic communication and inter-dependence between the living and the ancestors.
Howlin House, which has magnificent views over Laig Bay and the neighbouring isle of Rum, is one of the most historic buildings on Eigg.
These therapies include soul-call (hu plig-2), ancestral (laig dab-1), wrist-tying (khi tes-1), magical healing (kawv koob-2) and shamanic ceremonies (ua neeb -3, and fiv yeem/ pauj yeem-3).