LAITALithuanian Agricultural International Trade Agency
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After observing a similar working model (the RBF-800Li) the client was assured of the RBF-1000Li model's efficiency and its ability to achieve MAP, a key future requirement for Laita.
"If the RBF-1000Li had not been developed we would not have won this contract from Laita," said Simon Waddoup, the company's European Sales Manager.
The drama, written by former BBC writer Anjum Malik, included professional actresses such as Laita Ahmed, from The Bill, and Mina Anwar, from the Thin Blue Line.
Much like a contemporary Alexis de Tocqueville, Mark Laita has traveled far and wide to capture the essence of American culture, combing the land for subjects who "wear their occupation, lifestyle or region's burden on their faces and bodies." From his seven-year odyssey comes "Created Equal," an exhibition of larger-than-life photographs that translate the question of heredity-versus-environment into a stunning visual memoir.
Drawn from all contiguous 48 states, the work chalks up street creds through Laita's guerrilla-style tactics.
Laita presents his findings with a wry and tender objectivity reminiscent of a scientist forced to dissect his beloved monster, in this case the Hydra-headed democratic experiment.
NZNO organising services manager Laita Harre launched the campaign to a standing ovation on the last day of the three-day conference in Hamilton.
reuna 'Rand' (aus dem Baltischen), aaja 'Rand'< *akja (aus dem Germanischen), parras 'Rand, Kante, steiler Abhang' (aus dem Germanischen), kallas 'steiler Abhang' (aus dem Germanischen), laita 'Seite, Kante, Rand; Fahrwasser, Strasse' (aus dem Germanischen), ranta 'Ufer, Rand' (aus dem Germanischen), ayras 'Ufer' (aus dem Germanischen), raja 'Grenze' (aus dem Altrussischen), kantti 'Kante, Rand' (aus dem Schwedischen).
The Scroll of Exalted Kingship: Diwan Malkuta 'Laita. By Jorunn J.
They included NZNO president Jane O'Malley, chief executive Geoff Annals, organising services manager Laita Harre, Te Runanga vice-chair Margaret Jackson and some NZNO professional and industrial staff.
"I have a wife Laita and two children Daniella, 5, and Bruna, 7.