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LAKLakeland (Amtrak station code; Lakeland, FL)
LAKLos Angeles Kings (hockey)
LAKLogin Acknowledgement Message
LAKLymphokine-Activated Killer Cell
LAKLove And Kisses
LAKLackland AFB (San Antonio, TX)
LAKLaotian Kip (ISO currency code)
LAKLorain Admiral King (Lorain, OH school district)
LAKLakonian (linguistics)
LAKLeft Above Knee Amputation
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One day, bending over him, her hair (drying from a salt-water swim) flying about him, the one-woman, her two hands holding his head and jowls so that his ribbon of kissing tongue just missed her nose in the empty air, sang to him: "'Don't know what to call him, but he's mighty lak' a rose!'"
The lanky one smiled in embarrassment as he haltingly explained: "I tank I lak go along cooky."
You has jis' de chance, lak you say, to become worms foh de fruitification of de cabbage garden.
They made good time down the chain of lakes which fills the craters of extinct volcanoes, and late that night pulled into the huge camp at the head of Lake Bennett, where thousands of goldseekers were building boats against the break-up of the ice in the spring.
There is scant evidence, only rumor, that Jes Lak White F'lks was performed, nor can it be said with certainty that Bob Cole attended Atlanta University, or that Will Marion Cook (despite earning a scholarship) ever went to Berlin to study music.
Now they are lined up in their body bags at the back of the devastated Sofitel Hotel in Khao Lak.
When they combined TIL with only 10 to 20 percent of the interleukin-2 needed with LAK cells and an immune system suppressor to fight off the body's attempt to get rid of the foreign cells, the researchers say they were able to "cure" mice with induced cancer.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr Lak urged the LEAs to investigate all predicate crimes from terror financing perspective and seek guidance from standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by Nacta and internally develop their own SOPs to mitigate the risk of terror financing.
Lak said the entire industry currently spends $400 million per annum to purchase 1.5 million tonnes of paddy to yield some 600,000 tonnes just for rice exports.
Lak submitted his report in pursuance of the Supreme Court's order in a suo moto notice on the controversy following suspension of DPO Pakpattan Rizwan Gondal after his meeting in the CM Buzdar's office where a private person Ahsan Jamil Gujjar allegedly pressurised the DPO to visit 'dera' of first lady's former husband Khawar Maneka and tender apology over manhandling.
Earlier in December 1999, Lak said, Lumshiwal only showed a flow of 150 barrels per day of crude oil.
Sindh's lawmakers had proposed a panel of three grade-22 officers to the Establishment Division for the appointment, including, in order of seniority: Dasti, Retired Capt Arif Nawaz and Mehr Khaliq Dad Lak.