LAKE-ICELake-Induced Convection Experiment (meteorology)
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The relatively dilute character and low nutrient concentrations in both East and West Lake may be due to the combined effect of two factors: first, the majority of runoff occurs while the ground is still frozen, and second, the relatively short growing season and lake-ice cover limit nutrient recycling and productivity.
The curriculum involved studies of snow and lake-ice led by Adams, both locally (including the Kawartha Lakes) and on an annual field trip to the McGill Laboratory at Schefferville in February-March, which became enormously popular with the students.
From 1984 onwards, the station has been used by faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates, mainly from Trent University and Wilfrid Laurier University, the focus being on lake-ice studies and glaciology.
In 2003, the community was engaged to participate in snow and lake-ice investigations on Great Bear Lake.
Climate forcing and thermal feedback of residual lake-ice covers in the High Arctic.
I published an early paper (part of my PhD dissertation) arguing that fluctuating lake-ice conditions (which are closely related to climatic variables) exerted a strong control on lake biota, and hence on the bioindicators preserved in lake sediments.
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