LALCLocal Aboriginal Land Council (Australia)
LALCLatin America Logistics Center (Washington, DC)
LALCLos Angeles Leather Coalition (California)
LALCLive at Luther College (Dave Matthews band album)
LALCLocal Air Logistic Coordinator
LALCLanguage Arts Learning Center (various locations)
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Methods: Fifty LALC patients who were treated in our hospital between January 2010 and January 2012 were selected and randomly divided into an observation group and a control group (n=25).
The incidence of LALC is increasingly high in clinical practice, and the number of LALC patients accounts for about 70% of the total number of laryngeal cancer cases.5 Laryngeal cancer is more sensitive to radiotherapy which can maintain the normal structure and vocal function of patients to improve their quality of life.6 In case of recurrence after treatment, partial laryngectomy or total laryngectomy can be used, but the methods are not effective for locally advanced laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma.7,8 Chemotherapy is still one of the main methods, which can elevate the retention rate of the larynx.
A wider project has been developed over several years by the Bundian Way advisory committee, in conjunction with the Eden LALC, local Aboriginal elders, and various government agencies.
Resultados del Benchmarking Logistico Empresarial, Latin America Logistics Center (LALC), Documento de Discusion Version 2.2.
Approximately 1.7 km northwest of Jeraly cemetery a further two fragmentary burials were located by Ian Woods and Terry Baulch (Hay LALC; Appendix 1).
And we were welcomed in words, including the following Paakantji words from Warlpa Thompson, a young title-holder who participated in the blockade and who has been working at Mutawintji for several years with the NPWS Discovery Program run by the Mutawintji LALC:
To symbolise the exchange of land title and lease, it closed with Premier Bob Carr's and Mutawintji LALC chairman William Bates' hands being stencilled onto a rock.
De acuerdo con los Resultados y Hallazgos del X Estudio Anual 2005, realizado por el doctor John Langley y el Centro Latinoamericano de Logistica (LALC), los siguientes son los retos que enfrentan actualmente las industrias 3PL en Estados Unidos: expansion regional, ampliacion de los portafolios de servicios para llenar las necesidades actuales y futuras de los clientes, integracion de las tecnologias de la informacion, y desarrollo de relaciones con otras companias con el fin de facilitar el crecimiento y la expansion.
Varios resultados de la encuesta se compararon con los hallazgos de un estudio dirigido por el doctor John Langley y el LALC sobre la industria 3PL en America Latina.
This centre, funded by the Department of Education Employment Training and Youth Affairs (DEETYA), and managed by the Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC), was known locally as the 'Kaathiri' (boomerang) art centre.