LALSLatin American and Latino Studies (various locations)
LALSLatin American Language Services (UK)
LALSLow Angle Light Scattering
LALSLinguistics and Applied Language Studies (college program)
LALSLimited Advanced Life Support (healthcare)
LALSLinkless Ammunition Loading System (Navy)
LALSLaser Alarm Locator System
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Lal. "It in another climate, so he said, "Bore a bright golden flower, but not i' this soil!"(pauses -- turns over some leaves, and resumes) "No lingering winters there, nor snow, nor shower -- "But Ocean ever to refresh mankind "Breathes the shrill spirit of the western wind." O, beautiful!- most beautiful -- how like To what my fevered soul doth dream of Heaven!
Lal. Wilt thou, my good Jacinta, be so kind As go down in the library and bring me The Holy Evangelists.
Lal. If there be balm For the wounded spirit in Gilead it is there!
Lal. Alas, proud Earl, Thou dost forget thyself, remembering me!
He walked over from the station, and was admitted by my faithful Lal Chowdar, who is now dead.
"'I was still pondering over the matter, when, looking up, I saw my servant, Lal Chowdar, in the doorway.
As he drummed his heels against Zam-Zammah he turned now and again from his king-of-the-castle game with little Chota Lal and Abdullah the sweetmeat-seller's son, to make a rude remark to the native policeman on guard over rows of shoes at the Museum door.
'Let me up!' shrilled little Chota Lal in his gilt-embroidered cap.
'A priest, perhaps,' said Chota Lal, spying the rosary.
Mother Vijayalakshmi said she had refrained from complaining to the police earlier because she feared repercussions for her daughter from the Lals.
It was last year that Lals stepped up its own pace of franchise acquisitions, by bagging the FFC New York shoe brand.
What's more, Lal will be making a comeback with the microphone for commentary this weekend for a historic Super League final of the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), to be played under floodlights at the Eden and with pink balls.