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LAMALeft Against Medical Advice
LAMALong-Acting Muscarinic Antagonists (respiratory system)
LAMALos Angeles Music Academy (Pasadena, CA)
LAMALibrary Administration and Management Association (American Library Association)
LAMALatin American Management Association
LAMALaminin Alpha
LAMALocal Automatic Message Accounting
LAMALos Angeles Mortgage Association (California)
LAMALegal Assistant Management Association (now the Intrenational Paralegal Management Association IPMA)
LAMALuton Aid Music Academy (Luton, Bedfordshire, UK)
LAMALa Music Academy
LAMALatin American Motorcycle Association
LAMALarge-Aperture Mirror Array (University of British Columbia; Canada)
LAMALocal Alignment of Multiple Alignments
LAMALatin American Manufacturers Association
LAMALocal Area Media Award (fictional award; How I Met Your Mother; TV show)
LAMALaboratoire d'Analyse des Matériaux Actifs (French: Material Assets Analysis Laboratory)
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And they went at it all over again, the lama taking snuff, wiping his spectacles, and talking at railway speed in a bewildering mixture of Urdu and Tibetan.
By it one attains freedom from the Wheel of Things,' the lama went on, unheeding.
The lama brought his thousand-wrinkled face once more a handsbreadth from the Englishman's.
That much I knew in my lamassery from sure report,' said the lama proudly.
Learned doctors of a lamassery do not beg, but the lama was an enthusiast in this quest.
I will take them and the pencils and the white note-book,' said the lama, 'as a sign of friendship between priest and priest - and now -' He fumbled at his belt, detached the open-work iron pincers, and laid it on the Curator's table.
But the lama strode out, head high in air, and pausing an instant before the great statue of a Bodhisat in meditation, brushed through the turnstiles.
The lama was his trove, and he purposed to take possession.
said Kim affably, squatting in the shade beside the lama.
The lama tried to rise, but sank back again, sighing for his disciple, dead in far-away Kulu.
Thus do we beg who know the way of it,' said he proudly to the lama, who opened his eyes at the contents of the bowl.
He loosed a thin stream into Kim's hands, who drank nativefasion; but the lama must needs pull out a cup from his inexhaustible upper draperies and drink ceremonially.