LAMAPLa Main À La Pâte (French)
LAMAPLos Angeles Manufacturing Action Project (California)
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[2] Laboratorio Multiusuario de Apoio a Pesquisa em Nefrologia e Ciencias Medicas (LAMAP), Departamento de Patologia, Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niteroi, RJ, Brasil
Toutefois, ce cadre peut sembler restrictif puisqu'il preconise des balises de temps d'enseignement, l'utilisation de documents d'accompagnement developpes par LAMAP ainsi que le partenariat avec des institutions scientifiques.
To impede further contact with Tannese, the detainees were shipped to Lamap. (12) The next year the Presbyterian missionary on Tanna, worried of the 'possible immorality of the wives of the absent men' requested that the banishment orders be shortened.
(9.) These interviews (conducted February 23, 2003, June 27, 2002, April 26, 2002, and April 10, 2002) were with workers and LAMAP organizers.
Subjects of the contributors' analyses are janitors, garment workers, and employees at the American Racing Equipment wheel factory in Los Angeles; Southern California drywallers; hotel workers in San Francisco; and the Los Angeles Manufacturing Action Project (LAMAP), an innovative but short-lived attempt to link unions and community groups in a city-wide organizing strategy.
Their plan is called LAMAP, the Los Angeles Manufacturing Action Project.
At Pekoa and Lamap in northern Vanuatu, January-March was second (out of 45 years of record) and fourth (out of 54 years of record) driest, respectively.
Based on ten principles of IBSE, the LAMAP approach is now part of the national system of education in France.
Soomro said this while chairing closing ceremony of Review Meeting and Award Ceremony for the Science Clubs and Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) - La main a la pate (LAMAP) associated teachers, here today.
The vote for the Assembly was held on the neighbouring island of Malakula where the various representatives from other islands were housed, either at Lamap the FDA's headquarters, or Lakatoro, the BDA's headquarters, according to their respective Francophone or Anglophone allegiance.
Joel Ochoa, an LAMAP staff organizer, says that "at this point the immigrant community is [looking for ties with] labor and not necessarily the other way around.