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LAMBLove, Angel, Music, Baby (fashion line)
LAMBLaminin, Beta
LAMBLarge Association of Movie Blogs (directory)
LAMBLook At Me Button (video conferencing)
LAMBLeast Among My Brethren
LAMBLook-Ahead Maximize-Batch
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The boy sat on the ground with the lamb in his arms.
His face became as white as the fleece of the lamb that, now finding itself suddenly released, ran down the hill.
The new- born lamb was in his arms and the little red fox trotted by his side.
The truth was that in spite of all he had heard he had not in the least understood what this boy would be like and that his fox and his crow and his squirrels and his lamb were so near to him and his friendliness that they seemed almost to be part of himself.
Meanwhile the heralds were bringing the holy oath-offerings through the city--two lambs and a goatskin of wine, the gift of earth; and Idaeus brought the mixing bowl and the cups of gold.
On this he laid the two lambs on his chariot and took his seat.
We read a story of yours the other day, and enjoyed it very much," observed the elder Miss Lamb, wishing to compliment the literary lady, who did not look the character just then, it must be confessed.
As Miss Lamb had `enjoyed' the story, this speech was not exactly grateful or complimentary.
So they both came out, and by-and-by the lamb and dove came nearer, and were not afraid of him.
Being here and having met with your kind attention, Master, might I, afore I go, ask a question of these here young lambs of yourn?
Wot is it, lambs, as they ketches in seas, rivers, lakes, and ponds?
Methinks it is no great stretch of generosity to allow us lambs for the altar of the Lord, receiving in lieu thereof thirty silver shekels per head