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LAMELAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder (Mike Cheng)
LAMELinux Administration Made Easy (by Steve Frampton)
LAMELinux Administration Made Easy
LAMELame Ain'T An Mp3 Encoder
LAMELake Mead National Recreation Area (US National Park Service)
LAMELicensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Australia)
LAMELiterally Awesome Mega Excellent
LAMELess Ambitious MML Editor
LAMELearning About MP3 (Moving Picture Experts Group Layer-3 Audio) Encoding (educational tool)
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He then chucked the reins and flipped about with the whip, saying, "Now, then, it's no use playing the old soldier with me; there's the journey to go, and it's no use turning lame and lazy."
It had been Philip's first thought when he heard of the accident,--"Will Tulliver be lame? It will be very hard for him if he is"; and Tom's hitherto unforgiven offences were washed out by that pity.
At the cheerful tinkle of the gold, the Fox unconsciously held out his paw that was supposed to be lame, and the Cat opened wide his two eyes till they looked like live coals, but he closed them again so quickly that Pinocchio did not notice.
Pickwick followed, the lame man stepped up to him, and civilly touching his hat, held out a written card, which Mr.
Then she called Vulcan and said, "Vulcan, come here, Thetis wants you"; and the far-famed lame god answered, "Then it is indeed an august and honoured goddess who has come here; she it was that took care of me when I was suffering from the heavy fall which I had through my cruel mother's anger--for she would have got rid of me because I was lame.
"I must confess," he exclaimed, "that I am much more interested in the stories of the barber and his brothers, and of the lame man, than in that of my own jester.
Some relics of his old calling hang upon the walls, and these it is the chosen recreation of a little lame man about the stable-yard to keep gleaming bright.
Together, therefore, they proceeded directly thither; but not so fast as Mr Jones desired; for his guide unfortunately happened to be lame, and could not possibly travel faster than a mile an hour.
And then, in proportion as he plunged deeper into the street, cripples in bowls, blind men and lame men, swarmed about him, and men with one arm, and with one eye, and the leprous with their sores, some emerging from little streets adjacent, some from the air-holes of cellars, howling, bellowing, yelping, all limping and halting, all flinging themselves towards the light, and humped up in the mire, like snails after a shower.
"Lame," repeated the prince, "and Madame to have her constantly before her eyes?
She was a weak and passionate woman, and sometimes she petted and spoiled her little boy, sometimes she treated him cruelly, calling him "a lame brat," than which nothing could hurt him more, for poor little George was born lame, and all his life long he felt sore and angry about it.
Ingenious in little artifices, they wait for those whose knowledge walketh on lame feet,--like spiders do they wait.