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LAMILos Angeles Maritime Institute (California)
LAMILaboratoire d'Analyse des Matériaux et Identification (French)
LAMILectures in Applied Mahtematics and Informatics
LAMILanguages and More Internet (website)
LAMILaboratory for Micro- and Photonelectronics
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The lami tore off a tiny square of paper fit to go in an amulet.
The Max Lami skate wear brand came to fruition on the 10th of July, 2017, and since then the brand has performed amazingly, going from strength to strength.
While the focus will be on competitive spirit, Lami stated the players will need to balance that with the values taught to them by their Juventus coaches.
Part of the planning of the pregnancies was done through Husbands of Mwisho wa Lami School Teachers an organisation bringing together husbands of the lady teachers in our school through a chama
Al Lami, currently in Tunisia to attend the fourth congress of the National Union of Tunisian Journalists (May 19-21), commended the country for its successful democratic transition and told reporters "Tunisia gained back its Arab and international influence.
LaMi Holdings is a partner of Denver, Colorado-based private equity firm Lariat Partners.
Izulu lami is a heart rendering tale of suffering and redemption showing the lives of street children and that of children who are left Sobahle Mkhabase plays Thembi in 'Izulu Lami'.
Lami was implicated in a bombing which killed Americans.
The body came in for sharp criticism over its membership -- Lami and chairman Ahmed Chalabi, along with Entifadh Qanbar, ran for parliament on the Iraqi National Alliance slate, a collection of Shiite religious parties.
Lami said a friend of his who is a painter told him he was working on a painting when his Indonesian housemaid gave him the evil eye, resulting him being unable to draw.
14 October 2010, SPA -- Lebanon&'s Minister of Labor Boutros Harb met here today with visiting Chief of International Affairs Department at the Ministry of Labor of Iran Lami Bur.
The commission will not keep silent, but I'm not going to take this personally," Lami said.