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LAMNLow-Grade Appendiceal Mucinous Neoplasm
LAMNLocally Asymptotically Mixed Normal (mathematical engineering)
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Right Ovary of LAMN Patient Which was Unremarkable- H & E- 40X
A case of low grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasm (LAMN) presented with right inguinal hernia with mucinous cystadenoma of the appendix as content.
Of the five cases, three had been diagnosed with LAMN, and two were diagnosed with serrated polyp.
They categorized non-carcinoid epithelial tumors of the appendix into eight histomorphological architectural groups: adenoma, serrated polyp, LAMN, high-grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasm (HAMN), mucinous adenocarcinoma (well/moderately/poorly differentiated), signet ring cell low-differentiated (mucinous) adenocarcinoma, signet ring cell (mucinous) adenocarcinoma, and adenocarcinoma (Table 2) (8).
Benign nondysplastic LAMNs Low-grade/well- (mucocele) differentiated mucinous adenocarcinoma with PMP Total sample number 3 15 8 Histology Mucin extravasation 1/3 4/15 0 without rupture Mucin extravasation 0 4/15 8/8 with rupture Rupture with PMP 0 0 8/8 Molecular (mutation distribution) Samples with [greater 33% 80% 75% than or equal to] 1 identified mutation Mutations present JAK3 KRAS, GNAS, KRAS, GNAS, TP53 at high frequency APC, MET Table 2.
In 2013, Nishikawa and colleagues identified GNAS mutations as common in LAMNs and suggested that mutant GNAS might play a direct role in mucin production (16).
Assessment of surgical margins is an integral part of pathologic tumor evaluation, and the evaluation of an appendix with an adenoma or LAMN includes reporting on the status of the margin.
Low-grade appendiceal mucinous tumors include those that are confined to the mucosa and that are classified as adenomas and those that display pushing or expansile invasion and can disseminate in the peritoneal cavity as pseudomyxoma peritonei, for which the term low-grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasm (LAMN) was proposed (1) and adopted by the World Health Organization.
Comparison of Various Classification Systems for Low-Grade Appendiceal Mucinous Tumors Pai and Characteristics Carr and Sobin (8) Longacre (10) Confined to the Adenoma Adenoma appendix Various alterations Uncertain malignant Uncertain malignant of the muscu- laris potential potential mucosae or wall Associated with Adenocarcinoma Low malignant pseudomyxoma potential peritonei Destructive Adenocarcinoma Invasive invasion of the adenocarcinoma appendiceal wall Characteristics Misdraji et al (11) Confined to the LAMN (a) appendix Various alterations LAMN (a) of the muscu- laris mucosae or wall Associated with LAMN with peritoneal pseudomyxoma spreada peritonei Destructive Invasive adenocar invasion of the appendiceal wall Abbreviation: LAMN, low-grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasm.
LAMN with peritoneal spread having low malignant potential, and
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